"Making 5 Figures Profit Every 28 Days on Amazon is NOT a Dream"
"每 28天 在亞馬遜上賺 5位數字並不是一場夢"

By Using the EXACT Same Proven System, it's so Simple that Anyone can Do It!

This is a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business that you can do it ANYWHERE you go, as long as you have a Laptop, Internet Connection and Time!

How Does This System Work?

Course Outline

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FBM 1.0

Basic Fundamentals of Drop Ship

  • Amazon Seller Account: Guide on how to register & setup your Amazon Account
  • Product Research: How to find profitable products to sell
  • Listing: How to list products on Amazon
  • Fulfillment: How to ship orders to your customer

直運 “一件代發” 的基本原理

  • 亞馬遜賣家賬戶:關於如何注冊與設定你的亞馬遜賬戶
  • 產品調查:如何找到有利潤的產品以出售
  • 建立清單:如何在亞馬遜上列出產品
  • 出貨:如何把訂單運送給你的客戶

FBM 2.0

Advanced Methods of Drop Ship

  • Pricing Strategy & Automation: How to increase your Chances to win the Buy Box
  • Seller Ratings: How to increase your Seller Feedbacks
  • After Sales: How to handle Returns & Cancellations
  • ​Account Health: Understanding the metrics that affects your Seller Account

直運 “一件代發” 進階方法與秘訣

  • 定價策略和自動化:如何增加你贏到黃金購物車的機會
  • 賣家評價:如何增加你的賣家反饋
  • ​售後:如何處理退貨和取消
  • ​帳戶健康狀況:了解影響你的賣家帳戶的指標

FBM 3.0

Expert Methods of Drop Ship

  • Automations: How to make all your processes efficient
  • Faster Fulfillment: Methods on how to save more time for when doing Fulfillment
  • Expand: How to ungated in certain product categories immediately
  • Scale: How to increase your chances of sales by 80%

直運 “一件代發” 專家方法與秘訣

  • 自動化:如何把所有的流程變得高效率
  • ​快速出貨:如何節省出貨時間的秘訣
  • ​展開:如何立即開通對某些產品類別的限制
  • 擴充營業:如何將銷售機會增加多80%

Get all 3 Modules For A Special Price and save 37%

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